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Thursday, August 20, 2020


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Current Situation in Hawaii

On 8/20/2020, the Hawai‘i Department of Health reported 236 new positive cases. One of the cases is on Maui, 5 are on Hawai‘i Island, and 230 are on O‘ahu for a cumulative total of 5,844 cases statewide (reported since 2/28/2020). One previous case was removed due to updated laboratory information.

A total of 171,184 individuals have been tested in the state.


We continue to see cases associated with the remaining bars that are still open. It is difficult to wear a mask while drinking and as people become impaired, they naturally stop physically distancing and begin to congregate together. We have heard reports that people are still doing rigorous activities in gyms while wearing masks. This may be contributing to spread of infection as the consistency of mask wearing is unclear, specifically if they are worn all the time or correctly. The effectiveness of mask wearing while the mask is wet with sweat or vapor is unclear at this time. Some gyms have done a good job with rigorous protocols for cleaning, spacing etc., while others are problematic as we’ve seen in, for example, a circuit gym cluster.  Lastly and especially, we continue to see COVID-19 clusters involving parties or gatherings in private homes (e.g., birthday party, funeral, religious gather etc.). These gatherings have no masking and no distancing, mostly involving families and friends.

There have been 5,844 cases of COVID-19 identified in Hawaii. Of those cases, 5% have required hospitalization, and 5,372 (92%) were residents. 

The Department of Health will report today’s case numbers, as usual, at noon at hawaiicovid19.com 


Governor’s Office:
Governor Approves Honolulu Modified Restrictions,Trans-Pacific Travel Delayed


On August 18th, Governor Ige announced that the plan to reopen interstate travel without the 14-day mandatory quarantine has been postponed to October 1st, 2020.

The State of Hawaii has plans to provide an alternative to its current 14-day mandatory quarantine for travelers who arrive after September 1st, 2020.  These plans are currently in development and the process and requirements are to be determined over the next few weeks.

Governor Ige approved Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s latest emergency orders that returns O‘ahu to the Act Now Honolulu-No Social Gatherings, from the Act with Care phase to try and flatten the recent surge in COVID-19 cases on the island. The governor also announced a delay in the resumption of trans-Pacific travel and said it will be delayed from a Sept. 1 start to at least Oct.1, at the earliest. He said the reopening, along with pre-travel testing protocols will be announced well in advance to allow businesses to prepare for the return of visitors. Governor Ige said that Neighbor island 14-day quarantine remains in place. He says the State is carefully monitoring the healthcare system as it is experiencing some stress, but remains well positioned to respond to the coronavirus cases being seen currently

Mayor Caldwell Outlines Act Now Honolulu-No Social Gatherings Order



If you have symptoms or start to feel sick, stay at home and isolate yourself. Call ahead before seeing a doctor and notify them that you may have COVID-19.



Wash your hands often. Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.



Interisland Travel

All interisland travelers must complete the mandatory Traveler Health Form prior to boarding


24 Hours before flight ******** Check in with your Airline, Fill out the Mandatory Traveler Health Form

3 Hours before flight   ******** Enter health screening checkpoint, Complete TSA check

On your flight  ****************** Follow guidance from your airline regarding physical distancing, mask wearing, and sanitation process

Deplaning  ********************** Follow guidance from your airline regarding physical distancing and mask wearing


NOTE: Travelers who are subject to the 14-day traveler quarantine are prohibited from interisland travel while in quarantine.


For more information go to: COVID-19.

 Please, above all, Stay Safe! 



Summer meals programs are also harder to find.

Many parents simply don't know these resources are there for their children.

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